Grief and Loss

The loss of a loved one, family member, pet, or friend is one of the most profound experiences of emotional pain that can be felt. As humans, we feel that pain deeply and it is one that cannot be moved through easily. I specialize in helping you move mindfully through that pain at a pace that is right for you with presence, care, love, and understanding. You might be noticing that in a single day (or even a single hour) that you might vacillate between feeling shock and disbelief, numbness, anger, guilt, disconnection, or overwhelmed with tears, and all of those are normal parts of the grief response. Loss is like a knife in your heart or belly that you can’t remove and is so very different than physical pain where we can treat the wound by putting a compress, or bandage on or by taking pain medication. Unlike physical pain, grief cannot be escaped and instead can only be moved through and I can guide you through this process.